Saturday 31 May 2014


$1-B or LESS
RE : 2006 Order & 2014 "Sewage : Victoria May Go It Alone": PLAN "B"
WHY : PLAN "C" is your best option : Meeting The Timeline
Following our 2007 private meeting with the Head of your engineering department, he invited us to submit our proposal. The information imparted at that meeting detailed - to his satisfaction - that minimal and affordable technological changes to the existing liquid waste management system would satisfy all parties. The system would recover all contaminants; all released effluence would be clinically clean potable water. The system would be profitable. And, the established system would become the leading global liquid waste management remediation template. And, in 2014, we propose that the City of Victoria would displace Seaterra as the master team contractor to the CRD on the universal remediation project.
Hence, we invite you to provide our Team Leaders with another confidential meeting; through which we will provide details to your satisfaction. Thank you for not underestimating the impact of this invitation. TABS review is relevant.
Please, Contact Ralph Goodwin / CV
UNSC Intgrity Challenge
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1.250.709.1809 or Msg at 778-433-3908